Nov '14

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AJ Zane (@azanebrain):

is not a business

is multidisciplinary

♥s WP

I wanted to kick off the night saying that it's kinda weird that I'm up here not representing a business in our business sponsorship series. But I have a really weird history of how I got into WP, and it still isn't a tool I use everyday, and it probably won't be, but it is the best CMS out there, and you guys help make the best web community out there, so I try to give back with some pizza, some beer, and good times.




State of the Word

WordPress Survey

69% of responses were international

Non-English downloads suprassed English

91% of sites took less than 200 hours to build

State of the Word

dot Org

+6k plugins

+684 themes

Core reached 1 million commits

State of the Word

Code Business

Pull requests accepted on GitHub

Dropping IRC for Slack (

Utilize relationships with hosts to upgrade PHP to 5.5

Five for the future:
5% of business time to WordPress
(Automattic has 14 people working full time on the WP community)

Wordpress "grew the equivalent of 2 drupal market shares"

~ Matt Mullenweg

23% of all websites are powered by WP
Up from 18% last year




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