A LOT of people have been freaking out about the Creative Cloud login system breaking.

I don’t see why.

When you use a product or service you need to weigh the benefits and risks. A subscription model like Creative Cloud’s that requires an internet connection to authenticate means you won’t always have access to your program.

But you are utilizing the most popular set of design tools ever. You can go to any agency or service and be able to talk about your PSDs files with anyone there. There are a ton of other free and premium tools out there. None of them have the volume of support that Adobe provides.

When Adobe announced they were switching to the subscription model, the design community had an opportunity to say no.

But the fact that the community signed up for CC accounts instead of finding a new set of programs or sticking with their old CS6 means the risks were evaluated. I see a lot of people saying this was unacceptable and that they’re cancelling their accounts. This will definitely be a major boost to the other options out there, but I’ll be surprised if the standard isn’t blatantly adobe at the end of the year.