I’m a technophile but sometimes you just gotta put down your phone, grab an old, cut up tree and read.

My Bookmark: Blue Arrow

With my schedule, I rarely have the opportunity to read full chapters. The next time I pick up the book I’m reading, I’m typically left wondering which page I left off on. Dog earring the page corners is an easy way to remember which page you were on, but you can’t always do that, and you have no idea where on the page you left off.

I’m also an embarrassingly slow reader. I typically fall deep into the words and let time pass by as I imagine what I’m reading. I find using a white piece of paper to cover the next line of text helps me remember to read at a normal human’s pace.

So what is a luddite reader to do??

My solution is a square bookmark card which I’ve drawn some arrows on.

The back side of the bookmark card is pure white so it works perfectly as my line tracker.

My Bookmark: Line Tracker

The arrows are on the other side so I know which page I was on.

Now this is where it gets tricky. I could use a normal bookmark to tell which page I was on, but not where on the page. Each arrow has a unique purpose: To mark if I stopped on the top third, middle third, or bottom third of the page. Just to be extra clear, I also color-coded the arrows.

My Bookmark: Red Arrow

Here, I left off on the chapter. What a special day!

My Bookmark: Black Arrow

And here, I stopped on the 3rd line of the first paragraph

If you’re anything like me, I hope this helps you remember where you left off. Keep reading!

PS - If you’re wondering what the book is, it’s Getting Things Done. I highly recommend it.