After Day 1 of WordCamp OC I’m left craving more WordPress.

I’m not saying it’s a bad wordcamp. It’s been incredible. The topics have been entertaining and enlightening and the workshops have been packed. But there’s not much about WordPress.

Check out the session titles:

  • Getting the Most From Your Blog
  • How to Sell WordPress
  • Finding a Live/Work Balance
  • Podcasting 101
  • Designing a Theme in the Browser
  • So You Want To Build a Product
  • PHP Optimization
  • Theme SASSification

The concepts are about running a business online / becoming a better developer / advancing the community. Even the topics that seem like they must be about WP, actually might not be at all. For example, Wes Chyrchel’s talk “How To Sell WordPress” was about selling web solutions, with WP as your main tool. It could have been about drupal, or even vanilla code.

I came here expecting to see the cutting edge of WordPress

I listened to the future of the web.

This could have been any web development conference. Considering that 20% of the web is WordPress, I wouldn’t be surprised by people sprinkling in WordPress references and examples into their talks, just as jQuery is now.

WordPress is a fully realized web platform. It is so ubiquitous that a conference dedicated to it doesn’t need to focus on it. It’s amazing because this diverse community of experts can get their ideas realized and brought online quickly since we’re all speaking the same lexicon.

This wordcamp is not “There is a CMS called ‘WordPress’ and this is what it does.” Instead, the basics are covered and it’s time to get to work.