This month’s meetup covered more dev tools and resources than I ever imagined. It was really impressive to see how much is out there, but also somewhat daunting.

I hope this list helps others power up their dev skills.


  • Multiple Users
  • Vimium - Keyboard shortcuts to open links, move around the page, close/open tabs and bookmarks
  • OneTab - Compress and save and entire window of tabs. OneTabs can one tab other OneTabs that incept your developer nightmares
  • MeasureIt - Get px measurements for elements
  • LiveReload
  • Markdown Reader - Automatically format and reload .md files on your computer
  • Instrumente - Quickly get Lorem Ipsum, regex, unicodes, and prettify code
  • ColorZilla - Find colors of elements on screen. Gradient generator
  • LastPass - Password management
  • Pixel Perfect - Overlay an image on your browser
  • Selenium IDE iMacros - Record a series of actions (clicking links, filling out forms) to repeat annoying tasks, and test your site

Automation and Organization

  • Trello - Kanban Board
  • Slack - Team communication
  • Asana - To do lists. Great for making grocery lists
  • HipChat - A chatroom tool. Combine it with Hubot for some really cool features
  • CasperJS - Automated testing. (Similar to Selenium IDE)
  • Tugboat - Lullabot’s tool to automatically spin up a drupal site based off a github pull request
  • Zapier - A task in one app will cause another app to do something (for example: a github commit will send an email)
  • If This Then That - Same as Zapier
  • Pipes - Same as IFTTT
  • CloudWork - Same as Pipes
  • Gulp and Grunt - NodeJS build tools to automate compiling, testing, deploying
  • Git Aliases to add to your global .gitconfig, or .bashrc, or a local .git/config.
  • Some other tricks that were brought up were GTFO for git reset --hard HEAD^, and automatically doing ls after a cd to see the contents of the directory you’ve just gone into.
  • Write code faster with precompilers: sass, Haml, Markdown, Jade

Asset management


  • Alfred - Launch programs and run scripts with a hotkey
  • iTerm2 - Really great terminal for mac with tabs, panels, and many themes
  • MAMP 3 - Run a local server with custom domains, local network access, and a ton of other features
  • AMPPS - Another apache server app that’s a little lighter than MAMP

Sublime Text

Error reporting and monitoring

  • Pingdom - Get an email and/or text when a site stops responding
  • UptimeRobot - Just like Pingdom but you get 50 sites before you start paying
  • HoneyBadger - Track and log errors


Virtual Machines

  • IEVMS - VirtualBox microsoft images for Internet Explorer


  • CodePen - Quickly test out CSS / HTML / JS
  • JSFiddle - Like CodePen but with a greater focus on JS apps

Magazines / Podcasts / Shows



  • Can I Use - Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to rules by Can I Use
  • Auto Prefixer - Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to rules by Can I Use
  • Gulp Knyle Style Sheets - Automatically generate a stylesheet based on comments in your css (or precompiled css). Setup for gulp


  • Compass - Pattern library and compiler
  • Bourbon - Pattern library
  • Neat - Bourbon grid framework
  • Bitters - Scaffold for Bourbon projects
  • Refills - Patterns and Components for Bourbon, Bitters, and Neat
  • SassMeister - Online tool to convert sass and scss to css



  • Sky Fonts - Quickly install fonts from Google,, and MyFonts