My friend Nelson Abalos Jr (aka: The Pixel Geek and creator of Creative Space) gave an excellent presentation last night on UX, branding, nerdery, and creating rich designs and interactive sites through telling story instead of selling product.

Presentation at the September 2014 Front End Authority meetup

“ If your content is good people know how to copy and paste it into their own social media channel.

Nelson’s stance is that branding should not only be utilized to lead design and copy choices (like great marketers have been doing for hundreds of years), but also on-site interaction and social outreach.

Slides 11 and 17 have some really quick infographics on click through rates for carousel sliders and share button clicks vs actual shares. They’re solid examples of how underestimating your audience’s intelligence and berating them with annoying reminders of self-acknowledgment is doing the internets wrong.


Other than the great insight, Nelson’s a blast to watch and interact with. Have you ever seen a web presentation comparing Up and Transformers?

If you ever get a chance to see him speak again (like at the SD Web Design or FullStack meetups) definitely go.